Exhibition / Fine Art Printing

Exhibition / Fine Art Printing is a custom print service tailored to provide gallery-ready prints from your original black & white negatives or digital files. As always, the quality of the original negatives or digital images dictates the results obtainable in any final prints. All advanced printing techniques appropriate to render your images will be suggested and/or applied in conjunction with your direction based on an unmanipulated, full-frame, size-ordered work-print printed on the paper chosen for your work. Traditional Silver Halide Photographs: we recommend be printed on either of the following photographic papers:

1. Ilford Multi-grade Warm Tone Fiber Base Double Weight Glossy Paper.
2. Ilford Multi-grade Neutral Tone Fiber Base Double Weight Glossy Paper.

Traditional wet darkroom prints are processed to archival standards that include slight selenium toning to increase permanence. Prints are air-dried, press flattened and completely spotted. We have the capacity to print from 35mm, 120mm and 4x5 negatives.

Digital Inkjet Photographs: we recommend be printed on either of the following acid-free inkjet papers:

1. Epson Exhibition Fiber Base Double Weight Gloss-finish Paper - Best for color and neutral tone black & white images.
2. Ilford Gold Fiber Silk Fiber Base Double Weight Semi-gloss Paper - Best for warm tone black & white images. Please only provide digital RAW files for printing.

Price List (excluding applicable tax and shipping):

8 x 10..........$105.00

11 x 14........$155.00

16 x 20........$295.00

Three technical / interpretive variations for each negative or digital file are printed based on the initial collaboration with the artist. All 3 versions are included and delivered so that the photographer has a choice of version that best renders the feeling of the image.

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